• Very good steak sandwich, full of flavor. The eggrolls were good too, crisp and flavorful. The prices are very good for what you get. I will definitely be back here, especially being just 4 blocks from my office.

    -Jason J.
  • Excellent Vietnamese storefront restaurant. I had a very good chicken banh mi. It was very flavorful. Their spring rolls were also very good. My wife had the tofu and noodles dinner, which she said was top notch. The service was fast and friendly. Hopefully, they will thrive in their new location.

    -Dave B.
  • I love their pork sandwich. Great price ($4.50) and great taste. Just what my tastebuds want.

    That said, I have not had a whole lot of bahn mi. I’ve gotten addicted to theirs, and when their old location inside Pacific Produce closed, I was devastated. I went next door to the Vietnamese noodle house and tried their bahn mi – but the taste just wasn’t the same (though cheaper).

    So, I was happy to find out that Xankia had moved to a new location. Kinda sucks that i have to look for and pay for parking downtown to grab their sandwich now, though. On their opening day, they said they were giving free egg rolls and soda, so I got some. (though I had to ask for them. I don’t think they were going to give it to me until i showed them their website saying they were giving free soda and egg rolls. They asked me if I wanted to buy the combo, which included the extra egg roll and a drink, even though that was supposed to be for free. Kinda weird.) I’ve had their spring rolls before at the old location, and those were great. The egg rolls, not so much. It had too much noodles. Actually, it tasted good, but it didn’t taste like eggrolls… i don’t know how to express… it was more like it had curry flavored noodles?

    I’ll keep going back, since I love their bahn mi. But on their first day, it didn’t taste as good as I remembered it. It could be because they forgot to put in the jalapeños. But I’m not sure. The pork was a bit saltier than I remembered. Hence the -1 star. I’ll update if it gets better.

    Oh, and as a tip. Order ahead. They start making those sandwiches once you order them, and it takes a while. Before, I’d order and do my grocery shopping and come back. Now I can’t do that and have to feed the meter, so I will be calling in my orders ahead of time.

    -Viv P.
  • I love stopping by the restaurant to find out what they have in store every day.  It seems like they constantly have new food items there every day.  I got to say, I love their boba tea smoothies.  They are so delicious.  They got eggrolls, spring rolls, steam rolls, steam buns, sticky rice banana…you name it.

  • Their sandwiches are made fresh each time ordered.  They taste so good that makes me have to have them each time I go by.  I live a little far on the north side but I don’t mind coming down to the shop and purchase their sandwiches as they are soooo delicious.  My favorite is their special number 1, BBQ pork.  If you have not try their food, you should stop by sometime.  Highly recommend for you all.

    -Fresh sandwiches